Flex-Steel Bollard Made of Polyurethane

Flex-Steel bollards are widely installed in a warehouse help to keep facility and workers safe. Replace the past Rigid Steel Bollard, Which will cause some damage to vehicles if vehicles hit it. The Flex-Steel one is packed with impact-absorbing flex technology that takes big hits from a pallet jack or floor scrubber and still return stands up straight, Drastically reduce the costs because the risk of accidents causing vehicle, material or facility damage is avoided.

• Takes minutes to install without special tools
• Smooth clean look
• Absorbs proportion of impact force and flexes when hit from any angle
• Highly visible yellow color
• With the impact for Forklift truck hit, Reduce damage to forklift, can rebound after being hit.

Model No Bollard Body Base Width Height
BS-MFCB-75-C1-B2 10CM DIA 20CM 75CM
BS-MFCB-90-C1-B2 10CM DIA 20CM 90CM
BS-MFCB-105-C1-B2 10CM DIA 20CM 105CM
BS-MFCB-110-C1-B2 10CM DIA 20CM 110CM
BS-MFCB-125-C1-B2 10CM DIA 20CM 125CM
BS-MFCB-140-C1-B2 10CM DIA 20CM 140CM